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Rocking out for the men and women who protect our streets

Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-18 23:26:15-05

Two musicians and a member of the Baltimore City Police Department make up a band called "Local Authority".

On Sunday night they had a benefit concert at the Admirals Cup with a silent auction and some loud music to raise money for the Signal 13 Foundation.

Signal 13 helps officers and their families when they fall upon tough financial times.

The drummer in the band, Baltimore Police Department Sgt. Terrence McGowan is proud to share a stage with his teammates on stage to help out his partners in blue.

"If a police officer is having financial issues due to a catastrophe, let's say god forbid his house burns down. Obviously, his homeowners insurance is going to cover the house, but he or she may need money for food or clothes or to stay in a hotel. They can go to the Signal 13 foundation anonymously and they can benefit from their generosity." 

Sgt. McGowan got his big break when Fells Point Musician Ed Lauer was down a drummer and needed someone to step in.

"He said he played the drums and we were like come and sit in,". Said Lauer. "He was like are you sure and we were like yeah we want you to sit in come on. Everyone just went crazy seeing him in uniform and playing well. He's a good drummer."

Lauer is a paid musician, but instead of taking home his cut he and the bass player in the band donated their payout to Signal 13.

"We all have respect for each other's professions and I tell TC that. I have the utmost respect for law enforcement, and he's like that's fine but ya know I'm a drummer too."

Sgt. McGowan knows some people think the police are out of tune with the community.

He hopes seeing this boy in blue in a band changes that.

"I'm here 12 hours a day wouldn't do that if I didn't care about my job," said McGowan. "This is a way that we can show people beyond the uniform you're dealing with human beings as well."

A Signal 13 is an alert to every police officer in the area that one of their own needs help.

They're hoping to make this benefit concert an annual tradition.