Report: School bus driver hid medical problems during 2016 deadly crash

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - The National Transportation Safety Board has released thousands of pages of information and pictures from a deadly crash involving a school bus and an MTA bus in Baltimore back in 2016.

The report also has some troubling details about the driver of the school bus and the information he supposedly hid from his employers as well as never-before-seen pictures of the buses involved in the crash.

Here is what the inside of the school bus looked like:

The NTSB says the school bus driver, Glenn Chappell, was going about 57 miles per hour when he slammed head-on into the MTA bus.

Here's a look at the driver's seat of the MTA bus: 

That driver, plus four passengers all died in the crash.

In addition to pictures, the report also shows Chappell's driving record which included a dozen or so crashes, including a crash in 2011 where he fell asleep at the wheel of a bus and injured himself and an aide. The NTSB says Chappell also failed to disclose his health issues such as epilepsy and seizures which should have prevented him from driving a school bus.

The report also says Baltimore City Schools failed to follow up on both his medical and driving records. The school district did fire the bus company that hired Chappell after the crash.

The NTSB is recommending the city school district work the state Department of Education to hire a neutral, third party to do an audit of its transportation system, and then take steps to ensure drivers are meeting the qualifications to get behind the wheel of a school bus.

Click here to see the full report. 

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