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Repeat offenders will serve life in prison for multiple sex offenses

24-year-old woman escaped after being raped and held captive
Posted at 9:23 PM, Dec 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 21:23:02-05

BALTIMORE — Two violent repeat offenders were sentenced to life in prison on charges related to multiple sex offenses.

Baltimore City State's Attorney Office said on June 10, 2017, Travis Burroughs and Keith Hayes approached a woman at a bus stop. Following a brief discussion with the woman, she agreed to their proposition to make money.

She left the bus stop with them in a hack.

After arriving to the destination in the 4800 block of Homer Avenue in the Park Heights area, Burroughs and Hayes began to assault the woman. The woman was forced into the basement of an abandoned house located at 4810 Homer Avenue with a knife to her neck, where she was stripped and sexually assaulted.

The two offenders stole her personal belongs and one of them left the building while the other stayed to continue rape the woman. She managed to run away after the man heard a noise and left the basement to investigate.

A woman at a nearby bus stop allowed the victim to call the police from her phone.

When police responded, they went to the scene to gather evidence then dropped the victim off to Mercy Hospital for an exam.

After months of of investigating, police learned from the Combined DNA Index System the DNA samples matched Burroughs and Hayes.

Burroughs was sentenced to life suspended all but 60 years plus five years of supervised probation for his role, last week. Hayes was sentenced to life suspended all but 35 years plus five years supervised probation for Sexual Offense in the First Degree on Wednesday.