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Raising up West Baltimore

Community members take a stance
Woman cleaning up street in West Baltimore
Posted at 10:51 PM, Jul 29, 2019

BALTIMORE — The spotlight has been shining on the most negative parts of West Baltimore after President Donald Trump's Twitter comments about the city.

The people who love their communities aren't letting that dampen their efforts to make it better.

The 1900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue was recently renamed the Resurrection Intersection thanks to the efforts of an organization called Intersection of Change.

Intersection of Change is an organization founded by lifelong community members Elder CW and Amelia Harris.

Todd Marcus is the organization's Executive Director.

“We know what the problems are. We know what the challenges are, and we need more people fighting alongside with us,” Marcus said.

Marcus has lived in West Baltimore for 20 years, and he is proud of the work he and his team have been able to do for their community.

“We have Martha’s Place offering recovery, and our Strength to Love 2 program that offers employment for folks coming back from incarceration working at our acre and a half farm on Monroe and Fulton Avenue," said Marcus.

Terrence Price just graduated from Eastern Tech and is heading to CCBC.

For the third-straight year he’s working at the Jubilee Arts Center which is part Intersection of Change.

“We specialize in stuff such as graphic design, ceramics, we make ornaments with laser cutting,” said Price. “All this stuff and we sell it to make profit for us.”

Proud to show off his work in the community he plans to always call home.

“West Baltimore, yes it’s an area that needs a lot of improvement, but everywhere in the US needs improvement,” Price said. “People all around the community are making an effort to bring West Baltimore up and fix our image of ourselves.”