10 Miler brings families, charities, 1st-timers

Posted at 2:18 PM, Jun 04, 2016

Sweat. Heat. Humidity. Five thousand runners laced up for charity Saturday morning despite the thick humidity and periods of sweltering sun to finish the 9th annual Baltimore 10 Miler.

For first-time runner Jenn Cheek of Towson, the clammy conditions at Druid Hill Park were ideal.

“It was perfect weather,” Cheek said. “There was no sun earlier this morning, so it kept the muscles warmed up and I didn’t fry too much.”

Cheek told ABC2 that she signed up for the 10 Miler because she heard about its challenging and hilly course throughout the city. She crossed the finish line in one hour and 44 minutes thanks to encouragement from the crowd gathered along the sidelines. “It was definitely a great environment to run in and a great sigh of relief finish,” she said.   

PHOTO GALLERY: 2016 Baltimore 10 Miler

Runners from across the Maryland area traveled to Baltimore for the race. Some, such as mother-daughter duo Diane and Megan Tuncer, hit the pavement just for fun. The pair finished side-by-side wearing matching leopard print tutus, a fashion choice that’s now becoming a race day tradition.

“It was a blast,” Diane said. “From the cheer groups to the police. It was great.”

Others pinned on race bibs in support of local charities.

Organizations such as Girls on the Run and the Signal 13 Foundation rallied cheer teams and supporters for their causes. Reality Winner of Columbia, a runner and member of the Air Force, ran alongside Team Jake with Athletes Serving Athletes (ASA), a group of local volunteers who help people living with disabilities train for running competitions. For Winner, the 10 Miler wasn’t actually about winning. Instead, the race was an opportunity to give back.

“The community that we develop with our athletes goes so much further than the races we run,” she said of ASA. “For me, it’s about coming together and making fitness a part of everybody’s lives.”

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