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Puppy found in piles of trash fighting for life with outpouring of support from community

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jul 16, 2018

10-month-old Henrietta's prognosis was grim last week after she was found starving to death in a vacant North Baltimore apartment.

"Animal Control wasn’t sure she was even still alive," BARCS director of operations Lisa Morabito said. 

For three weeks, she was left under a pile of trash, until a landlord stopped by to check on the vacant property. 

"He heard whimpering and he opened the door to the room that was being rented out and had to look through piles of debris to try and find a dog," Morabito said. 

Baltimore City Animal Control responded, digging through trash to find Henrietta, just 12 pounds, skin and bones, too weak to stand. 

"It’s heartbreaking. It’s upsetting. It’s absolutely unacceptable," Morabito said. "She could barely lift her head. The only movement she really made was when one of our vet techs cupped her head and rubbed her neck and she wagged her tail so she definitely has a fighting spirit."

She's still fighting for her life at an emergency clinic, making progress every day. She still has months to go but now she's eating and standing with assistance, and it's all with the help of donations from the community. Her care is supported by BARCS' Franky Fund. 

BARCS’ Franky Fund cares for nearly 900 animals each year with extraordinary medical needs, from those who are critically injured to victims of extreme abuse and neglect. It relies completely on private donations and they need more.

"Henrietta's care is going to be extremely expensive," Morabito said.

More than donations, Morabito wants to raise awareness about neglect. BARCS is an open intake facility and they can help owners who can no longer take care of a pet. 

"Being here vs. being left basically to die in a building by herself ... it’s completely unacceptable and it really does crush you. It also is what keeps us going though, in knowing she is getting a fighting chance because we are here to help her," Morabito said. 

The Baltimore City Health Department, which runs animal control, says police are investigating Henrietta's case.