Pugh kicks off term as Baltimore mayor with promises on crime, eduction

Posted at 11:33 PM, Dec 06, 2016

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh greeted supporters and colleagues at an inaugural ball held in downtown Baltimore Tuesday night.

Most campaigns are full of promises, and Pugh continued to make assurances as she took the stage at the Baltimore Hilton hotel. Pugh said crime is a high priority as is uniting various parts of the city.

“I will be your servant leader,” Pugh told the crowd.

Pugh said she intends to keep the promises.

“We have the same problems as every other large city. We’ve got to reduce crime, we’ve got to improve our school system, and we’ve got to make this a great city,” she said, addressing reporters before taking the stage.

The $100-per-plate-ball brought some of Maryland’s political leaders.

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It was during Pugh’s inaugural address Tuesday morning that she struck a conciliatory tone, promising to work with Larry Hogan, the state’s Republican Gov., after Hogan and outgoing Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake shared a rigid relationship.

“The successes that she’s talking about are not just her successes, it’s mine and the council’s,” said Baltimore City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young, who is a longtime friend of Pugh’s.

Young said he will be speaking with Pugh about her legislative goals for the city, but said there isn’t much difference between their priorities.

“Whatever her legislative agenda is, it’s probably the same as mine,” Young said.

In order to pursue that agenda, she will have to begin forging relationships with new council members being sworn in Thursday. Eight new members will be sworn in, including 12 district Councilman-elect Robert Stokes, Sr.

“I look forward to working with the new mayor who has a great vision for Baltimore City and the same vision I’m looking at for the 12th district.

As Pugh left the stage, she kicked-off her term with a dance.

“We want people to enjoy themselves this evening, but we don’t want them to miss the message,” she said.

Pugh said her first order of business as mayor will likely be decided after she meets during the Board of Estimates for the first time Wednesday.

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