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Protestors calling for resignations of bishops following sexual abuse allegations

Posted at 8:32 PM, Jun 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-12 09:32:49-04

BALTIMORE — Catholic Bishops from all over the country are coming together for a four-day conference in Baltimore. They plan to discuss the sex abuse crisis plaguing the Catholic church.

The conference began Tuesday morning.

At the same time, a man stood outside called on a couple of the Bishops to step down. Dr. Robert Hoatson, the President and Co-Founder of Road to Recovery, is calling for the resignations of Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, who is the Archbishop of Galveston and Houston, Texas, and Bishop Curtis Guillory of Beaumont, Texas. Hoatson said the two men covered up sex abuse allegations against a priest in Texas.

"Every time the Bishops get together for these meetings, which is twice a year, they make glowing promises of transparency, openness, and honesty zero-tolerance, and yet we have yet to see it. They have still not gotten it, and they are not holding each other accountable," said Hoatson.

Hoatson said Dinardo and Guillory must resign or be removed by Pope Francis immediately.

Road to Recovery is a non-profit based in New Jersey that helps people who have been abused by priests lead the rally. The conference of the United States bishops here in Baltimore runs through Friday.