Protesters hit Baltimore streets in the name of women's rights

Posted at 11:34 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 23:37:03-05
Dozens of women marched through the streets of Baltimore Wednesday in celebration of International Women's Day. 
In January millions of women took to the streets in protest over the rights of women around the world. Here in Baltimore, all people spoke out in celebration of International Women's Day as they joined thousands nationwide taking part in "A Day Without A Woman."
"I'm here with my daughter who's 10 years old and I think it's important for her to see people speaking up for women's rights for the rights of immigrants for the rights of minorities for the rights for those who don't normally have a voice and so it's important to do that as a community and to come together and be loud," protester Hillary Davis said.  
Reproductive rights, violence and equal pay were among the issues the protesters wanted to address. 
"I want them to have the same opportunities that i had to go to a decent school, to educate yourself, live in a good neighborhood and maybe to raise your family and live without fear," Denise Williams said. 
Protesters said fear is permeating through communities nationwide.
"We all know people or know someone who knows someone whose rights are being threatened and they're scared and we should all be really, really scared," Christine Hallenbeck said. 
Protestors also spoke about the plight of immigrant women and those communities facing deportation under the president's new executive orders.
"There's some scary things going on in the world right now and everybody really needs to take some action and this is the only way we can do it by doing this and getting together," said Hallenbeck.
But it wasn't only women who rallied, men spoke out as well.
"I'm fighting for equal pay for women, equal rights for women and just equal rights for everyone in the community of Baltimore," Victor Walters said.
Some businesses and institutions closed or gave female employees the day off Wednesday. Protesters said they were also representing the women who didn't have that option. 
"There's a lot of people i know who can't take off today or who don't have the ability to be away from their family responsibilities and I'm fortunate to be able to do that and so i wanted to be there for them and for all the people without a voice out there," Davis said.
I'm out here for women, I'm out here for black lives, I'm out here for white lives, I'm out here for humanity," said Hallenbeck.
Mayor Catherine Pugh proclaimed March 8 as "International Women's History Day" in Baltimore. March is observed as International Women's History Month.

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