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Port Discovery reopens with new exhibits

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-12 10:15:23-04

BALTIMORE — Port Discovery gave its special guests a sneak peek into its two new exhibits, “SkyClimber” and “The S.S Friend Ship” on Tuesday.

“We really want children to dream big and have fun here,” said Casey Roberts, the communications and marketing specialist for Port Discovery. “Our new exhibit highlights all of the possibilities children can dream and do just here in Baltimore.”

Museum staff were just as enthusiastic as the guests were to open the museum’s doors for the first time since it went under remodeling in January.

“It was nice to see some of the kids that have been coming since they were real young that are now older and running around with the same enthusiasm in this new space,” said Ram, a Port Discovery employee.

As soon as guests entered through the museum’s renovated lobby, they got a glimpse of the SkyClimber's new four-story play area. The children tested their courage by climbing to the top of the museum, then sliding down the four-story spiral slide.

Right below the SkyClimber is “Cheesie’s Grotto,” a sensory-filled play area for children too young to climb. Guests praised the museum’s variety of activities.

“It’s hard to find something where a 2 year old can participate in so many activities,” said Jaih Craddock, who attended the preview with her husband and daughter. “All of the sensory activities they have are really good for the development of a little one.”

The second new exhibit, S.S Friend Ship, allows children to play pretend on a cargo ship. The small sailors can pretend to be navigators, crane operators, captains, and more.

Children can also read about the history of the Port of Baltimore along the walls of the exhibit. There is even an antique steering wheel from World War II that was donated to the museum.

Parents at the preview were impressed by the new focus on education.

“I think the educational focus of the new exhibits is great. Being in the Inner Harbor, it just makes sense to teach kids about the work they do here and ties everything together,” said Alexis Aschenbach, who took her three children to experience the grand opening Tuesday.

This is the first time the children's museum has renovated since its opening in 1998. In addition to the two new exhibits, there's also a new lobby entrance, new nursing areas, a renovated lunchroom and updated restrooms.

Port Discovery will reopen on June 14. For more information about the museum and its new exhibit contact 410-727-8120 or email