Pipe fixed after leaking 580,000 gallons of sewer water into Gwynns Falls

Posted at 1:46 PM, Oct 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-27 13:46:40-04

An 89-year-old sewer pipe was fixed on Thursday after it was leaking for a month and a half. 

The pipe on the 2500 block of W. Lexington Street was fixed by a contractor with the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. They installed a new lining to repair the leaking areas of the 94-foot section of the pipe. 

None of the water surfaced onto the street, but the city says the storm drain carried an estimated 580,000 gallons of sewer water into the Gwynns Falls. 

The city tried to stop the leak earlier by setting up a sewer bypass, but it did not help the leaks that were further down the pipe. 

Contractors were able to confirm there was no more leaking after they tested the pipe with dye on Thursday.