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"People's hope woke up" Ceasefire ends after 12 days

22-year-old killed in Northeast Baltimore
Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 10:48:34-05

On Tuesday another family grieving the loss of a young man shot and killed in the streets of Baltimore.

Unfortunately, it's something we say all too often in this city, but 22-year-old Sadik Griffin's death comes after 12 days without a homicide.

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You walk the streets of Baltimore and you could hear it, 10 days, 11, 12.

You get the sense talking to people that the peace means something.

Griffin was killed in front of a convenience store stung in a city numbed by constant violence.

Anna Anderson was going into that convenience store to grab a few things, we told her what happened just a few hours ago.

“Oh no, we were at 12 days,” she said.

She’s lived in the neighborhood 20 years.

"A whole lot of them running around here in pampers, now they're running around with guns and it's sad."

She prays every time one of her two sons walks out the door, saying the streak shows hope.

"Please let's start a new streak today.  That's sad 22 years old and his moms gotta bury her child, I buried one. It's not good burying your child rips your heart open."

The blood belongs to the 28th murder victim this year.

Erricka Bridgeford with Baltimore Ceasefire pays attention to every single one.

"He's not the end of a streak,” Bridgeford said. He's their brother their cousin their son. Nobody should be burying a 22-year-old it's just not natural."

On the same night the ceasefire ended, she was making this ground sacred for the 27th person killed, he's known as Noon.

Baltimore Ceasefire called for a murder-free weekend starting on February 2.

For the first time, the call was answered, going past the weekend and lasting 12 days.

"A lot of people's hope had died for Baltimore; A lot of people had given up on Baltimore. The fact that people were having conversations every single day and counting the days together. That means people's hope woke up. Which means they can now put that hope in action and go do something that they think needs to be fixed in this city."

A call that ended on a street in Northeast Baltimore, that was heard throughout the city.

"As long as we have breath in our bodies he has not died in vain,” said Bridgeford.

Baltimore Ceasefire holds murder free weekends quarterly.

The next one starts May 11, Mother’s Day Weekend to honor all the mothers who have lost children.