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People upset after neighborhood sign vandalized in Roland Park

Posted at 2:01 PM, Nov 06, 2017

Neighbors are shocked, upset and concerned after the sign signaling the entrance to the Roland Park neighborhood was vandalized with a racially charged statement over the weekend.

Baltimore City police got the call Sunday night after neighbors walked past the sign all day.

It read, "Roland Park, Home of White Silence. White Silence won't save you."

Some were outraged by the black paint, saying it was probably a prankster,

"Shocked, this is a very quiet, peaceful neighborhood and it's really disturbing to see graffiti of that kind," George Burns said.

Others agreed with its message,

"I work in city schools and in some ways, I feel like a sellout living in an area that I know my kids, my students are never going into... If they were they'd probably what be pulled over by the police, face extreme aggression, would not feel comfortable. I think it's crazy that you can live in this area and never see the inner city and never see what people are facing there," Heather Heffelmire said.

Gayle Springer's lived in the area for more than 30 years and said, "I understand why someone would write it, shocked that someone would write it, um upset because I wish that our communities would come together."

She hopes people use this as a reason to start a conversation,

"It's not as bad as obviously as someone putting a cross in some person's yard and is burning it, that is the true terror, this is just a sign, hey off your butts and do something."

The Roland Park Civic League's President Hap Cooper issued this statement:

Roland Park is a community that welcomes everyone and embraces all cultures--perhaps you have seen the signs to that effect posted around our neighborhood.  We strongly support the right to non-violent and non-destructive protest.  We do not support or encourage vandalism.

We recognize that as far as our country and our neighborhood have come in the areas of civil rights and race relations, there is more hard work to be done.  If you see things we can do better as a community, come talk to us at our monthly meeting.  We welcome the dialogue.   We will get there together--we cannot get there apart.

President Hap Cooper of The Roland Park Civic League says the sign has been repainted.