Parents, kids have Mother's Day dinner date amid violence in Baltimore

Posted at 9:51 PM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 23:10:37-04

After several straight weekends of violence in Baltimore, parents are hoping this Mother's Day weekend is much more peaceful. 

With more than 120 murders in they just want a peaceful and calm weekend. 

Parents at the Kids Safe Zone in Sandtown-Winchester say they're worried not only by what they see, but what their children see as well. 

With every scoop of food, parents, like Tamm Hunt want to make sure her granddaughter is fed...and safe. 

"You can overcome conditions. That's what I see. Overcoming conditions, overcoming the lack of hope that is driven into the minds of young people, as well as adults, who think they can't prosper," Hunt said. 

A bleak reality as the violence in the city continues. 

Tamm, her daughter, and granddaughter along with a room full of people packed the Kids Safe Zone part of a Mother's Day dinner date. 

A highlight in what Kids Safe Zone director Erika Alston Buck says are dim circumstances. 

"There's so much grief and loss in this neighborhood, in this community, in this city, so every opportunity we have to celebrate anything, we're going to celebrate it here," Buck said. 

While the Safe Zone serve as refuge for children in the city, we spoke to a mother earlier this week committed to ending the violence. 

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"We're just asking the young men and women and saying please put your guns down please let us have some peace in our lives and have a happy Mother's Day," Daphne Alston, the founder of the Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters said.

A happier weekend too. 

The past month has been perhaps the most deadly of the year. 

Parents, like Tamm, don't want it to get any worse.

"You have to have a sense of pride, you have to have a sense of self, and you can rise above all of these conditions," she said. 

The Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters are holding a cease fire walk tomorrow at 11 a.m. on North Avenue and Broadway. 

The goal is to go 48 hours without gun violence in the city.