Opponents of President Trump sought solace at Baltimore Museum of Art

Museum holds inauguration events
Posted at 3:41 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 21:02:45-05

Visitors to the Baltimore Museum of Art sought refuge in the exhibits, saying they wanted to find hope as President Donald J. Trump took office.

"When I look at this art, it gives me hope. You know, it gives me hope that human beings really can rise above the worst possible circumstances," Elizabeth Warner said.

Warner is a First Amendment lawyer and said she has traveled to places in the Middle East and Russia fighting for rights and democracy.

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"I came back home because I think the country that's in the greatest danger is my own to be perfectly honest," Warner said, "if people stop believing in these fragile pieces of parchment that we have, it [democracy] can disappear."

Her cousin, Claudia Hilaire-Gajewski, flew out from Michigan to visit and attend the women's march Saturday.

"You know we all hope for great things for the administration but we all have big fear," she said. 

Hillary Clinton supporter Lisa Bartolomei said she came to the museum to escape D.C. traffic and did not want to be a part of the inauguration.

"Trump has really shown that he does not give a hoot about the Constitution or anything else so I think that's a very nice symbolic gesture. I hope he gets a chance to read it too," she said. 

She was referencing the Bill of Rights, which was read out loud to museum visitors as part of the Inauguration Day activities.

Looking forward to the next four years, these Americans hope Mr. Trump does his job well.

"I think we still need a little stimulus in our economy I just don't want to see us going to war," Bartolomei said.

"Hopefully Mr. Trump becomes presidential and stops tweeting," visitor Jim Lardner said.

"Grow up, acquire a sense of gravitas and think about what you're saying but i think these words would be lost," Warner said. 

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