Sex-for-repairs lawsuit expands

Posted at 3:42 PM, Jun 09, 2016

An additional 37 women have come forward, claiming sexual harassment by maintenance men in Baltimore City public housing. 

That brings the number of women who claim they have been harassed to 56. 

The original 19 plaintiffs in the sex-for-repairs lawsuit settled with the Baltimore City Housing Authority in January. Because it's a class action lawsuit, more can sign on. 

The new alleged victims have 60 days to contact attorneys to join the lawsuit. How much money they could be awarded depends on what exactly happened, and how many victims there are. 

There are four categories of victims, ranging from those who complied with maintenance men's demands, to those who were  verbally harassed. 

Several months ago, the maintenance workers attempted to sue the women who came forward for defamation. 

A judge has dismissed that lawsuit. 

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