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New traffic cameras start snapping Monday, capturing driver infractions

Posted at 8:18 AM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 08:18:34-04

Speeders beware!  The Baltimore City Department of Transportation may have its eyes on you.

The city activated more than two dozen new speed monitoring cameras this morning. The city does not try to hide the locations of those camera.. so where are they?

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The city put up about 30 speed cameras in school zones throughout the city. Even though school's not in session yet — these cameras will operate all year round. From 6 a.m. until 8 p. m. Monday through Friday — these speed monitoring cameras will catch anyone in their field of vision who is driving more than 12 miles per hour over the the posted speed limit. The new cameras can be found at: 

  • Cross Country Elementary/Middle School: 6000 – 6200 Cross Country Boulevard
  • Center for Creative Learning: 5000 – 5200 Baltimore National Pike
  • Calvert School: 001 to 200 West University Parkway
  • GreenMount School: 300 – 600 West 28th Street
  • GreenMount School: 300 – 600 West 29th Street
  • Creative City Public Charter School: 3900 - 4100 Reisterstown Road
  • Frederick Douglas High School, Independence School Local I High, and Gwynn’s Falls Elementary School: 2600 – 3000 Reisterstown Road
  • Graceland Park-O’Donnell Heights Elementary/Middle School: 5500 – 6500 O’Donnell Street
  • Eutaw Marshburn Elementary School and Booker T. Washington Middle School: 1500 – 1700 Eutaw Place
  • Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School: 1900 – 2100 E. Fayette Street
  • Northwood Appold Community Academy: 1300 – 1500 E. Cold Spring Lane
  • Cardinal Shehan School: 1600 – 2000 Belvedere Avenue
  • Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy: 001 – 400 S and N Monroe Street
  • Federal Hill Preparatory Academy and Digital Harbor High School: 100 Block W. Ostend Street
  • City Neighbors Hamilton Elementary/High School and Arts and Ideas Sudbury School: 3400 – 3600 Echodale Avenue
  • Northwood Elementary School and Baltimore Collegiate School for boys: 900 – 1400 Woodbourne Avenue
  • Turnbridge Public Charter School: 5800 – 5900 Bellona Avenue
  • Hilton Elementary School and Bard High School Early College: 3000 - 3300 Liberty Heights Avenue
  • West Side Elementary School, Independence High School, and Frederick Douglas Elementary School: 3300 – 3500 Auchentoroly Terrace
  • The Catholic High School and the Reach Partnership School: 1900 – 3100 Belair Road
  • Francis Scott Key Elementary: 1200 – 1600 E. Fort Avenue
  • Henderson Hopkins School: 900 – 1100 N. Wolfe Street
  • Dickey Hill Elementary School: 2000 – 2200 North Forest Park Avenue
  • Liberty Elementary School: 3200 – 3300 Garrison Boulevard
  • Ashburn Elementary/Middle School: 3200 – 3300 Dorithan Road
  • Montebello Elementary/Middle School: 3200 - 3600 Harford Avenue
  • Garrett Heights Elementary School: 2600 - 2700 Echodale Avenue

The price for speeders having their picture taken is $40, but the city also has its eyes on drivers who run red lights. Four more red light cameras were be turned on at various intersections Monday morning. The red light cameras will operate 24/7 at the following locations, and the cost of a violation is $75:

  • N. Paca Street and West Fayette Street
  • St. Paul Street and E. Madison Street
  • Dundalk Avenue and O’Donnell Street
  • Windsor Mill and North Forest Park Avenue

These cameras take both photos and video and the  captured images will show the rear of a vehicle — before it enters an intersection and as the driver goes through it.

Truck drivers also need to exercise caution while out on the road. There are six new height monitoring cameras — making sure that commercial drivers stay of truck restricted roads. The cameras, issuing $125 fines can be found at:

  • W. Fort Avenue and Race Street
  • Cedonia Avenue and Hazelwood Avenue
  • Cedonia Avenue and Radecke Avenue
  • Benson Avenue and Joh Avenue/Patapsco Avenue
  • Benson Avenue and S. Caton Avenue
  • Haverhill Road and Benzinger Road

With these additions there are nearly 40 new cameras up and running as of Aug. 13, capturing speeders and red light violators. Too many to read off the entire list but to see if there is a new camera on your route  but to see the complete list look for this story on our website.