New ICE resolution adopted by Baltimore City Council

Resolution sponsored by Zeke Cohen
Posted at 11:31 PM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-21 08:00:56-04

One city councilman says he's fed up with how ICE and immigration officials handle illegal immigrants in Baltimore.

Monday, Councilman Zeke Cohen introduced a resolution to the council, asking for a more humane way to deal with these issues.

It was unanimously adopted by the council and asks for federal action for more humane immigration enforcement in order to help make Baltimore a more welcoming city.

"Baltimore is a welcoming city we are not going to allow ice to continue to intimidate and harrass innocent people," Cohen told ABC2.  "What the resolution asks ICE to do is to only enforce the actual crimes --so if someone commits violence."

The resolution asks that federal immigration officials and ICE work with undocumented immigrants in a way that fosters communication.

"It's really going to bring some stability so that community members don't have that fear, that continued fear to talk to police officers," CASA Maryland representative, Lydia Walther-Rodriguez said.

Cohen says the resolution was sparked by recent incidents involving undocumented immigrants and ICE officials.

"There's been a series of arrests of people who have committed no crimes --there was a barber, there was a small business owner and most recently the father of a 9 year old child," Cohen said.

Making Baltimore more welcoming city for immigrants has been a long time coming for some. 

"They're fighting for us and they want to make sure that ice hears us out when it comes to the immigrant community and how to be more hospitable when it comes to arresting or detaining," said one young woman named Yaslin.

Council members know there's much work to be done, but for now they say it's a step in the right direction, 

"The resolution is one step closer to the goal of hopefully Maryland being a sanctuary state," Yaslin said.

"Were very grateful that the council is stepping up in favor of their community members --our community is Baltimore city," Walther-Rodriguez said.

A comment from ICE was not readily available.  President Trump insists ICE raids are instrumental to keeping all of America's cities safer.