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Navigating your way through a snowy morning commute

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-03 23:14:48-05

On Thursday morning, a snow storm is expected to make for a rough morning commute for Baltimore drivers.

The biggest concern with this storm is the timing.

The brunt of it is expected to the Baltimore area during the morning commute.

Around six hundred snow crews will head out at midnight to start treating city streets and attacking the icy conditions.

Vincent Ayd the owner of Ayd Hardware had a busy day helping people make their own preparations.

"I don't recommend pre-salting or putting down ice melting compounds prior to the snow,” said Ayd. “It's been so cold that even when we do get whatever little bit is coming our way you'll probably get out there with a broom and sweep it off. The important thing is to have that done before people walk into it and compact and compress the snow and then it becomes ice and then you'll need the ice melting compounds for sure."

Maryland Emergency Management Agency has been monitoring the storm 24/7 to keep you safe.

Chas Eby, a spokesperson for MEMA said there are a few things they’re worried about with this storm.

"Number one the height of it is going to be right during the rush hour commute tomorrow especially in the Eastern Shore up through the 95 corridor. The cold weather is coming in right behind it and that could be for a prolonged period," said Eby

The snow isn’t the only problem.

"It's a light snow just because it's so cold so that means with any wind and it is going to be windy and it will be blowing around and make visibility tough," said Eby

Something else to think about before you get in the car, charge your phone and bring kitty litter or some form of traction in case you get stuck.

With the wind there’s a possibility of power outages, so make sure you put your utility providers number in your phone now so if the power goes out you can add yourself to the que quickly.