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MTA shuts down entire subway system; offering free bus shuttle at all stops

Posted at 11:31 PM, Feb 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-11 23:35:45-05

If you take the subway we've got some bad news for you, it’s going to stay shut down for a few more weeks.

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The Maryland Transit Administration is keeping it shut down for at least four weeks after an inspection found some rails need to be replaced.

"Normal rail wear and tear,” said Kevin Quinn the Administrator for MDOT MTA. “We have a 36-year-old rail system. That elevated portion of the system especially is completely exposed to the elements. All those days the snow the rain everything just leads to a lot of wear and tear."

On Sunday Governor Larry Hogan pitched in $2.2 million in emergency funds to start up some bus bridge shuttle.

They'll run from 5 am to midnight Monday through Friday and 6 am to midnight on weekends.

"We'll have an express bus bridge which will start in Owings Mills and hit a few stations on its way downtown,” said Quinn. “We'll also have a local bus bridge that will hit each station on its way coming into downtown."

The added buses will be free, and MTA doesn't anticipate commute time or overcrowding being an issue.

“The express bus bridge will be running every 20 minutes the local every 30,” said Quinn.  “That's a rough wait of 25 minutes so we expect to have plenty of capacity on this system and doing this."

Quinn said there is a chance parts of the subway system will open in that 4-week window.

Here is a link to the MTA website for more information.