Mosby identifies 200 cases compromised by indicted officers

Many convictions may be vacated
Posted at 5:51 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 06:50:48-04

April Sims walked out of Courthouse East Thursday afternoon with a clean slate.

In July, 2016 she was arrested on drug charges by three of the seven indicted officers but Thursday, that case was dismissed.

"I am just glad that it is over with. I am happy this is over with. I am happy that my name is cleared. I am just ready to get back to my businesses and pretty much just get to work," Sims said.

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She is just the latest in a long line of accused watching the charges against them disappear.

In video obtained from her apartment complex, you can see Jenkins enter the property wearing no police gear, then coming back with Detective Hersl who flashes a piece of paper.

The two along with Detective Gondo then go upstairs only to come back down with boxes.

The video, which would have been evidence at trial, raised many questions for both Sims and her attorney including wanting to see that warrant these officers used to gain entry.

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Questions that might legally be moot after today, but ones Sims wants answered.

"I am happy that those cops were pretty much brought to justice and again, I have questions…Marilyn Mosby, I want to ask her some questions," she said.

The Baltimore State's Attorney answered limited questions today in a press conference she called to announce her task force related to the indicted officers.

Looking back to January 2015, Mosby says they found more than 50 active cases that are compromised by these officers and 150 former convictions that now may be vacated.  

Mosby says in addition, her office has already dismissed 30 active cases.

"That is definitely a consideration and a priority for this office and it will continue to be," Mosby said,

But for Sims, her case didn't feel like a priority.

While not in jail this whole time, she felt these charges that were dropped nearly a month after the indictment all the while causing much damage to her reputation as a business woman.

"My character, my businesses, everything was just in jeopardy so I want to know, what is really going on," Sims wondered.

The state's attorney's office said Thursday it has a system in place to identify all the cases that rely on the credibility of the indicted officers but like with everything, it is not perfect.

Mosby says priority has been given to those cases where defendants remain incarcerated and is stressing justice over convictions.

For those who believe they were unfairly prosecuted because of these now federally indicted officers between January 1, 2015 and March 1, 2017, the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City urges them to contact their defense attorneys and/or the Office at to request review consideration.

Meanwhile the Office of the Public Defender is saying anyone convicted on the word of these officers since 2015 may be eligible to have that conviction vacated.               

Individuals who think they may be eligible to have their conviction vacated should contact OPD at 410-914-7858.              

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