Morgan State University's Magnificent Marching Band will play at 2019 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Posted at 6:16 PM, Oct 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-06 18:16:18-04

Morgan State University’s Magnificent Marching Machine was selected to represent Maryland and perform in the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This is the first Parade appearance by the band and they will join the Parade to the call of “Let’s Have a Parade,” which is the iconic phrase that has signaled the start of every Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since 1924.

“Morgan State University is home to one of the finest and most exciting marching bands in the northeast, delivering high-energy, crowd-pleasing performances every fall season,” said Wesley Whatley, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Macy’s Band Selection Committee is proud to welcome The Marching Machine to New York City for their debut appearance in the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!”

The Magnificent Marching Machine will spend the next 12 months planning for their Parade appearance. Rehearsals and creative fundraising events not only bring the school and the community closer but also prepare the students for the march of a lifetime.