Morgan State University to hold 'night walk'

Posted at 6:08 PM, Feb 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 18:08:42-05
It might be a little chilly and wet out, but school officials said that will not stop a group of Morgan State University students and staff from taking a very specific walk around campus. 
"They definitely see where their flaws are now so there's probably going to be a serious change now," Justin Harrison, a junior, said. 
The Tuesday 'night walk' to assess campus lighting is one of a number of steps to improve safety President David Wilson has laid out. He sent a letter to the MSU family a few days after 20-year-old Gerald Williams was stabbed to death at Morgan View, a student housing center.  
"It was just devastating because his life was taken and there's no way that he can get it back so he doesn't have the same opportunities and the same chances that I'll have," Dereck Oliver, a sophomore, told ABC2. 
Oliver was at Morgan View the night the group fight turned deadly. He said he sees it as an eye opener and push to make significant security changes on and off campus.
"They changed a few stuff about how to enter my dorm because now you have to swipe every time you enter instead of just walking in behind somebody so safety has gone up of course," Davon Clark, who is in his second semester on campus, said. 
Most students said they do feel safe, but there is more that can be done. 
"There should be more officers on campus, just to feel a little bit more secure because it is an open campus and anybody can come," Tareia Overton, a freshman, said. 
"I would also like to see them being more involved with the students because I don't know any security guards," Sydney Bates added.
More security hires was one change laid out in President Wilson's letter. He said he also met with Morgan View management to demand better coverage there.
"As long as we start somewhere, then we should be able to get further along throughout this process. It's not going to be an overnight process, however, starting somewhere should be great," Oliver said. 

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