Morgan State University considering new ways to keep students safe

Posted at 5:03 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 06:42:05-04

Several students at Morgan State University say they aren’t sure they like they idea of putting up more security gates around campus.

School leaders are discussing ways to keep intruders away – including more gates or guards.

Talk of upping campus security comes after two students were fatally stabbed off-campus this year.

Some undergrads told ABC2 they aren’t worried about their safety when they’re on campus.

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“I’m kind of on the fence about if I want more fencing because it kind of just encloses us in. It’s like you don’t see that at too many other campuses and in their communities. I mean I just wish our community would act straight,” Marc Jones, a college senior, said.

“People can hop over gates. I see it at my apartment complex. So I mean, I feel like they should just bring more security guards rather than gates,” Rachel Nelson, a college junior, said.

Clinton Coleman, Morgan State University’s Director of Public Relations and Communications, explained improving campus safety is a recurring topic and the school’s president, Dr. David Wilson, is always looking for ways to keep students’ safe.

However, Coleman says he thinks it’s unlikely a gate will be built around the university.

Coleman went on to say Dr. Wilson holds quarterly town hall meetings and safety walks with students to talk about better ways to protect them while they’re heading both to class and home.

Coleman added Dr. Wilson is considering hiring a security firm to consult with the university on weak areas around the campus that can be more secure. 

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