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Metro SubwayLink System repairs to continue through March 11

Posted at 6:17 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 18:18:34-05

Repair work on the Baltimore Metro SubwayLink System is expected to continue through March 11.

Last week, the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration announced a closure of the entire system for emergency inspection and rail work. 

The inspection found unexpected wear on 11 sections of track. 

It was determined that Gauge Face Angle (GFA), one of the factors used in calculating rail wear, exceeded internal standards. GFA is the measurement of wear that occurs on the part of the rail that comes into contact with the train’s wheel.

Over time, as wear occurs, the gauge face of the rail goes from vertical to sloped. This can eventually lead to a train derailment.

“The closure of the Metro SubwayLink system was undertaken for the safety of our riders,” said Administrator Kevin Quinn in a statement.

“When presented with GFA findings in addition to a physical inspection, we found that the rate of wear was greater than anticipated. As a result, we took immediate action to protect our riders and initiated rail replacements at an accelerated schedule.”

MDOT MTA recognizes the critical importance of public transit and is expediting repairs to minimize disruption to our passengers’ commute during this closure.

As sections of the Metro SubwayLink track are repaired and made available for use, a partial reopening of the system will be evaluated.

On Sunday, February 11, the Hogan Administration committed $2.2 million in emergency funding to provide a shuttle bus bridge to transport riders along the Metro SubwayLink route.

For more details on shuttle times and locations, click here.