Members of the Hispanic community want BPD reform after DOJ report

Forum discussed alleged police misconduct
Posted at 11:15 PM, Sep 01, 2016
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Unfair treatment, deportation, police department transparency, unlawful stops and arrests were just some of the topics discussed by members of Baltimore's Hispanic community at Thursday's CASA forum in East Baltimore. 

The meeting comes just a few weeks after a Department of Justice report cited glaring issues with the department's policies and practices.

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It was a bilingual, open conversation to raise awareness among the Hispanic community. Many say, they're worried nothing will change when it comes to how crime is handled in their neighborhoods.

"It's perfect for us to speak up and give the Department of Justice an idea of how they can make the police department better," Missael Garcia said.

"We're very worried about police accountability and of course how they tend to treat minorities differently," Nathaly Uribe Robledeo said.

Many worry about speaking up because doing so could be devastating.

"Fear, fear of encountering having to encounter immigration enforcement fear of getting deported," Garcia said. "We need to create change at every level possible federal, state and local." 


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Transparency was a word that came up time and time again at this forum--something this community says is lacking within the police department.

"There needs to be a complete reform of how policies are working or the police," Robledeo said  "There needs to be training for police officers on diversity and how to treat certain minorities."

The recent and scathing Department of Justice report of the police department prompted the meeting and this open conversation to change a sad reality.

"You don't have this trust anymore with the police unfortunately," Robledeo said.

The Baltimore Police Department has been transparent about wanting to make policing a team effort with everyone in the community it serves.
CASA plans to have more meetings for citizens to voice their opinions throughout the year. You can find more on the plans here.

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