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Council President Brandon Scott allegedly assaulted at mayoral forum

Posted at 5:25 PM, Feb 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 18:51:45-05

BALTIMORE — Mayor Jack Young has released a statement following an alleged assault of an elected official.

According to Mayor Young, video shows an altercation between Council President Brandon Scott and a volunteer of another mayoral campaign. He says he instructed the Baltimore Police Department to fully investigate this incident.

"In this time, when politics can quickly become divisive, and bitter, we must always appeal to our better angels," said Mayor Young. "The type of behavior displayed on the video capturing the altercation is disgusting and will be fully investigated. I am thankful that Council President Scott was not seriously injured."

Brandon Scott also released a statement regarding the incident.

On Wednesday evening, I was assaulted by a volunteer of another campaign as I was entering a public mayoral forum. Due to ongoing and escalating threats made by this volunteer following the incident, a police report was filed and the situation is currently under investigation.

Let me be clear, any act of violence is completely unacceptable and has no place in the work we're trying to do to move Baltimore City forward. As a public servant and a young man from Park Heights, there are too many people—especially young people—who look to me as an example of how to respond in situations like the one I found myself in earlier this week. At a time when our city needs to come together to end the violence in our streets and build public safety in Baltimore, violence in all forms must be condemned.

At the same time, what happened to me pales in comparison to the stories I hear every day of too many precious lives lost and too many families grappling with the trauma of losing someone. I am undeterred and remain focused on my goal of making Baltimore a safer, more accountable city where we all can thrive.

A campaign spokesperson for Sheila Dixon responded to the incident saying that Brandon told Sheila right away and she dealt with it swiftly by reprimanding the volunteer and telling him he had to leave immediately.

The spokesperson said Dixon had no idea that they had an issue before this and it's clear the issue between them has nothing to do with her.