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Marijuana dispensary temporarily closed after truck drives through building

Posted at 10:49 AM, Oct 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-08 09:11:46-04

BALTIMORE — Authorities are looking for a driver who plowed into the side of medical marijuana facility in the Wyman Park neighborhood of Baltimore late Sunday night.

A sign on the front of Maggie's says business will be closed at least through Wednesday, October 9 for repairs to the building. If the blue tarp and crumbled bricks don't paint a clear enough picture, one woman who lives nearby on Keswick Road can fill in the gaps.

"I didn't know if anybody was in the truck. The wall was gone. The wall was completely gone and you could see all of the -- I guess maybe it's their storage area," she said.

The woman who wished to remain anonymous said she heard the crash the second time the truck rammed into the dispensary.

"I walked down the street and the policeman came up and he didn't see it at first, then I pointed, and then he blocked the truck in. It was a big truck," she said.

Police weren't able to confirm if any merchandise was stolen.

But somehow the driver managed to get away, but not without leaving the truck and this mess behind.

"You go in there and get anything you want, but you've got to have a doctor's slip. You can get edibles, you can get lotions, you can get 'cigarettes' you know with marijuana and it was just waiting to happen," she said.