Locust Point 'Bridge Lady' Karen Johns dies

Posted at 5:50 PM, Apr 20, 2016

Karen Johns was just fine with her nickname as the "Bridge Lady" and told ABC2 back in 2010 that she'd earned it.

Johns passed away Saturday, April 16 at the age of 75.

She lived at 1234 Fort Avenue and fought for years to get an old bridge along Fort Avenue –– just half a block for her house –– replaced.

She broadcast her message with a sign she hung on her front door that read "replace bridge now."

For 20 years, Johns fought for the bridge's replacement, fearing for the joggers that ran over it and school buses full of children that drove over it.

She became known as the "Bridge Lady" because she never let City Hall forget that the bridge needed replacing. In 2012, she won her battle and the bridge was replaced.

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