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Local woman collecting blankets for homeless

Posted at 11:18 AM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 17:50:41-05

Winter is just a week away and it’s already starting to feel like it. While many people try to stay out of the cold during the frigid temperatures, what about those who don’t have a warm place to stay? One woman is working to spread some warmth to homeless people in our area.


It was after an Orioles game last year where Jessica Currano and her husband saw a homeless man out in the cold. They decided to give him a blanket they had to help him stay warm.


“He was so thankful,” said Currano. “You could tell he had a relief in his eyes to know that he’d probably still be a little cold but not as cold as he would have been.”


From there, the idea for Blankets for Baltimorecame about.


“We were like ‘oh my gosh’ we can collect blankets and go around Baltimore and hand them out,” said Currano.


Currano started collecting new and gently used blankets from friends and family. Between word of mouth and social media, her cause only grew. Her employer, SIG decided to join the cause. This year, they aimed to collect 100 blankets by Christmas. A little less than two weeks away and they’ve already collected over 130.


“My initial reaction was it’s such a cool thing and how can we support her,” said SIG CEO, Richard Silberstein.


“It’s so inspiring,” said SIG Communications Specialist, Kat Ashdown. “It’s really people like her who I think we need more of. We need more of that spirit. Not just around the holidays, but all the time.”


Blankets for Baltimore doesn’t just provide blankets. They also provide care packages filled with anything from snacks and juice to wipes and hand warmers. Anything they can give to help.


“I woke up this morning and sent a text to the folks this morning that it’s cold outside,” said Silberstein. “Because of them they’re making a difference that people are still cold but they’re not as cold as they would have been without them.”


The mission doesn’t just end with collecting the items. Currano goes out and personally delivers the blankets and care packages to those in need.


“I think so many people tend to just walk past and ignore people who might be asking for money or sitting on the side of the road and it’s so sad,” said Currano. “To actually engage and to be hands on it’s amazing.”


And it’s that feeling that has her planning on continuing the efforts for years to come.


“It’s an experience I wouldn’t want anyone to miss.”


For more information on Blankets for Baltimore, email Jessica Currano at