Baltimore shoppers react to Berlin Christmas market attack

Posted at 11:31 PM, Dec 19, 2016

Baltimore's Inner Harbor is home to the Christmas Village, an authentic German Christmas market. It's fashioned exactly like the one in Berlin that was targeted Monday. 

A German citizen who organized the market every year said the German specialties is what excites her about the market each year.

"You have people just wandering around enjoying themselves, enjoying time with family and friends enjoying a glass of mulled wine we are an authentic German Christmas market," Nancy Schmalz said.

Schmalz said she aims to make the holiday season brighter. She said the news from Berlin hit close to home.

"We want to make peoples' holiday nicer, we want to entertain people when I read the news from  Berlin right now of course it's a scary thing simply because they're so similar it's the same event concept," said Schmalz.

It's not clear if the Berlin incident is terror related. At least a dozen people have been killed in the attack, dozens more are hurt.  

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For those who call Germany home, it's a shock, even from thousands of miles away from the chaos.

"My thoughts are just with all the people that lost somebody there it's just horrible," Schmalz said. 

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