Local reaction to 7.1 earthquake in Mexico

Posted at 11:08 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 06:54:51-04

Mexican officials are combing through the rubble in Mexico City after Tuesday's historic earthquake.  It happened 32 years to the day after the country dealt with another traumatic earthquake.

Officials say the death toll has climbed to over 200, and those with family and friends there are still in shock.

"All my family was saying I'm alright, I'm alright," Sister Cecilia Cruz, told ABC2.

Cruz belongs to an order that travels the world helping those in need. Now the need has reached her home country of Mexico.

"My niece sent a message, we are alright but we were just hit by a very terrible earthquake our house has been affected but we are alright."

Cruz's family is part of those lucky enough to avoid the devastation the 7.1 earthquake brought with it. Some of her fellow sisters caught the terror on tape.

"There were some buildings collapsing and people in the streets, volunteers trying to help the people remaining in the buildings," said Cruz.

Cruz's family lives far from those collapses and weren't physically affected, but to wrap your head around another earthquake in the same place 32 years later is another story,

"My immediate family wasn't there but I've been there just recently, 2 months I was in Mexico City and just seeing the same buildings that we see normally just nonexistent."

In Fells Point, La Guadalupana restaurant and store stands as a reminder of Mexican culture.

Belum Garcia and her family run the store and have many relatives in Mexico. 

"I try to avoid the pictures and the videos that people post once I look at it immediately it's just my day just goes gloomy," she said.

Belum says thankfully her family was spared but grieves for those who lost their lives.

"One can't imagine how those people might feel and how many people or how many homes are destroyed, it's scary."

 Right now the recovery efforts continue.  Garcia says she and her family are working to send whatever support they can to those in Mexico.