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Local leaders comment on FBI not taking lead on Suiter investigation

Local leaders comment on FBI not taking lead on Suiter investigation
Posted at 3:52 PM, Dec 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-28 15:52:02-05

U.S. Senators Ben Cardin, Chris Van Hollen, Congressmen Elijah Cummings, Dutch Ruppersberger and John Sarbanes released the following joint statement on Thursday:

“We are disappointed by the refusal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to take the lead in investigating the murder of Baltimore Police Department Detective Sean Suiter. While we appreciate the FBI contention that no evidence exists to suggest that Det. Suiter’s homicide was directly connected to the corruption probe in which he was to testify, the reality remains that little-to-no progress has been made in solving the homicide. This means that his family, colleagues and community still lack the peace of mind and sense of justice that would accompany a successful resolution of this investigation, underscoring that the full resources and attention of the federal government remain required to solve this case. We expect that the FBI and other federal agencies that have been cooperating in this investigation will remain fully engaged until justice is delivered, and that the FBI will immediately reconsider its decision to assume leadership of the investigation should any new evidence suggest it is merited.” 

This comes one day after the FBI sent a letter to Commissioner Davis saying they will not take the lead in the investigation of Detective Sean Suiter's death. 

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