Local kid throws pizza party for departing soldiers

Posted at 11:20 PM, Dec 27, 2016

A pizza party for troops is what a local kid decided to do for the courageous men and women being shipped out from BWI Tuesday evening to protect our country.

A box of pizza, a few drinks and a letter of thanks was how Curt Huber decided to thank them, and to the soldiers, they meant so much more.

“They protect our freedom, so if they protect our freedom, why don’t you help them?” Huber said.

“My body's been stressed,” said Sebascin Prieto, 19, who was shipping out to Germany. ”Now I see a bunch of people give out pizza to heroes and everyone around here and I’m like damn.”

“It might be just a couple slices of pizza, a few cookies and a Coca-Cola, but I'd take that any day. It’s free. They're here for us,” said Mario Carmona, returning to Germany after visiting with family during the holiday.

Huber said he plans on doing the event again next year.

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