Local actor hits Baltimore stage, says childhood in Charm City helped his career

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - He has performed on stages around the world, well-known characters like Mufasa, but in German. HIs latest role brings him back home to Baltimore. Boise Holmes grew up in Sandtown-Winchester until he was a teenager and attended Oxford School of Drama. This is his first performance in Charm City. 

"A lot of my family is here. My grandmother, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins; they've never had the chance to see me on stage," Holmes said. 

He plays iconic artist Isaac Hayes in the world premiere of SOUL The Stax Musical at Baltimore Center Stage. It's inspired by the legendary story of Stax Records.

Holmes relates to his character and he hopes other kids will too.

"I had the same kind of struggle as an African American young man, growing up in the city and just kind of making it out, and making your way using your gift to kind of take you to the top," Holmes said. 

He says his childhood, growing up in a rough part of town, ended up helping his career. He got his first role: imitating his preacher.

"My mother would take us as little kids and we would sit there on the pew with our little white socks and just look at the preaching. He was just 'oooh' so charismatic and I would go home and put this little stool in the living room and say, 'you all are gonna watch me preach' and I was trying to imitate him," Holmes said. 

Now he wants to encourage others, especially inner city youth, to dream big. 

"I used to think that it was negative, that I had a bad slate, that I wasn’t served as well as others. I didn’t have the same opportunities, but what I have realized is that it has made me who I am today," Holmes said. 

The show has been previewing at Center Stage for the last week and is officially opening tomorrow night. 



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