Longtime BBYO member, mentor dies

Mitch Liebeskind, 35, long time member of BBYO

(WMAR) - He was dedicated to his community, his family, and his friends.  Mitch Liebeskind died suddenly this week at his Baltimore home.  He was active in the Jewish community and worked to mentor young people.

"He's the definition of the best human on earth," said friend, Adam Quigley.

Lofty words his close-knit group of friends says describes Liebeskind to a tee.

"His personality was like a chameleon, he could put himself into any type of situation with any type of people and really bring people together," Quigley said.

Like he did for Quigley as a mentor, his friends and the countless young people Liebeskind inspired by the youth-based organization he loved, BBYO.

"BBYO has created a family and a community outside of our homes that we grew up in," said friend, Nikki Jenner.

Close friends told WMAR 2 News that Liebeskind died suddenly this week in his Baltimore home.  Saturday he was to marry the love of his life, Sara.

"It's the most shocking, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, indescribable, sadness that we all feel. Life should not work that way.  You should not have to plan a funeral in exchange for a wedding," said Jenner.

Liebeskind was very involved with BBYO, mentoring young people, volunteering and being a steward of his faith.  He was buried Thursday.  

"The rabbi in the service yesterday said that he listened just as loudly as he spoke," remembered Quigley.

Friday, his friends gathered for their traditional Friendsgiving celebration. 

"Trying to describe Mitch, or who he was as a person, what he did in his short life is indescribable," Quigley said.

"He influenced people maybe in a way that maybe up until right now, we didn't realize," Jenner said.

Liebeskind's wedding was set for Saturday at The Baltimore Zoo.

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