Interim Commissioner Gary Tuggle tells mayor, he wants to be top cop

Interim Commissioner throws his name in the hat
Posted: 5:49 PM, May 31, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-31 22:02:24Z

Most retire after 20, 30, maybe 35 years, but more than four decades on the job, that's a level of commitment and love for service to the city of Baltimore worthy of ceremony.

Lieutenant Regis Flynn called it a career today.

His 44 years reflected in framed patches, pins and medals.

"44 years and 2 months,” Flynn said, “It's been a blessing. It's an opportunity, and opportunity to serve, protect in serve."

From the southwest district and the tactical unit to the riot response as the CVS was burning, Flynn says his career was all about helping people in every corner of Baltimore.

"I enjoyed it. I figured God blessed me with this opportunity to serve and I was going to do it as long as I could do it," Flynn said.

It is the kind of dedication that makes Interim Commissioner Garry Tuggle want to lead the BPD.

"He reflects the true nature of pride and integrity within the institution and he never lost it which is a good thing, it's good to have people like him around," Tuggle said.

Today the interim commissioner of Flynn’s Baltimore Police Department tells us that he indeed is interested in becoming the permanent top cop.

"I am,” Tuggle said, “First of all I have expressed to the mayor my interest. Obviously, she is going to do what is the best interest of the city."

And right now, that means a national search.

The mayor's office has not offered any more details on that in nearly three weeks now but Tuggle says his name is now officially in the hat.

Looking to head a department in turmoil and officers like Lieutenant Flynn, who's years of dedication he says, can lead the BPD out of it.

Flynn says he is also a lawyer.

He says in retirement he wants to do some pro-bono work in the city juvenile justice system as well as continue to teach youth sports on the city's west side.

As far as that search for a new commissioner, the mayor's office says they have yet to contract with an organization to lead the process.