Interactive map from DPW shows current water main repair work

BALTIMORE - The Baltimore City Department of Public Works added a new interactive map to its website in an effort to provide updated information on current water main repair work in both Baltimore City and County.

The map shows confirmed breaks, active repairs, and recently restored water service.

Users can type in addresses to search for locations ore click on symbols to open a box with information about a specific break or repair.

The information on the map is based on data submitted by crews working in the field.

"Customers want to know what's happening in their neighborhood, and to be able to find this information on the web," said DPW Director Rudolph S. Chow, P.E.

The bitter cold over the last few weeks has caused an increased number of water main breaks. As of late Friday morning, the map showed more than 50 recently restored water mains, and others in progress or awaiting repairs.

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