ICE conducting immigration 'sweeps' in Baltimore, advocates say

Posted at 10:17 PM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-15 13:59:35-05
Hundreds of illegal immigrants across the country are being picked up by immigration officials.
When it comes to federal immigration agents in Baltimore City, councilman Zeke Cohen told them to "stay out."
Cohen and a immigrant advocacy group, CASA, set up in front of the Walgreens in Highlandtown to share the stories of two men, Manuel Lopez Suarez, from Ecuador, and Serbando Fernando Rodriguez, from Honduras.
Advocates said both are undocumented immigrants and were detained by agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement while going about their daily lives nearby.
The fear of deportation is shared among many Hispanic immigrants in some southeast Baltimore neighborhoods.
More than 680 immigrants have been detained by ICE across several cities since President Donald Trump took office, who promised to target "criminals" in the country illegally.

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The men detained in Highlandtown have no criminal records according to their attorney. Advocates said Rodriguez was at the store with his girlfriend and Suarez was sitting in a car waiting for a friend.
The group has an issue with President Trump's executive order on immigration enforcement.
"That order doesn't work with our constitution. It doesn't comport with our values," said Nicholas Katz, an attorney with CASA.
Both men detained are being held at the Frederick County Detention Center.
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