Hundreds protest President Trump's immigration orders

BWI packed with protesters for hours
Posted at 11:14 PM, Jan 29, 2017
Large-scale protests swept the nation this weekend in response to President Donald Trump's immigration order.
Friday-- he put a 120-day hold on allowing refugees into the U.S., an indefinite ban on refugees from Syria and a 90-day hold on citizens from 7 Muslim-majority countries. Sunday, hundreds crowded BWI's International Terminal.
Some were carrying signs, others playing music and chanting, but all of them regardless of class, race or age were fighting for one thing--unity.
"I'm a Muslim and this Muslim ban is just unconstitutional it's ridiculous," protester, Hena Duberi, told ABC2.
"I'm an immigrant, i came to the united states because i believe that this is a country that's welcoming to people from everywhere," she continued. 
President Trump's recent executive orders to curb immigration of refugees and those from 7 predominantly Muslim countries is not sitting well with some lawmakers either.
"People have to understand that if they do not like what's going on they have to do what they're doing today they have to come out stand up and stand out," Congressman Elijah Cummings said.
"What came out of this administration was just terrible.  It's terrible policy, the way they rolled it out, it shows they're just thinking about the world differently than how we all view the world," said Congressman John Delaney.
That view-- according to protesters here is about inclusion. Some go so far as to say the president's actions are dangerous.
"I believe it will have the opposite effect it makes us a target i think if i weren't American i would want to take us down," protestor Marc Addleman said.
President Trump says he stands behind the orders and anyone with a valid green card will be allowed entry. Top white house aides touting a safer nation because of them--it's an issue that's already crossing party lines. 
"It's not just Democrats that are complaining about this, John McCain Lindsey Graham and so many other Republicans are saying about their own president that there's a major problem," Cummings said.
Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley was also on hand in an effort to unite people.
"We need to stand up and say not in our country, not in America and not today and that's what this is about we're all in this together we need to defend each others' freedoms 50
President trump said in a statement Sunday that this is not a Muslim ban and it's not about religion, it's about terror and keep the country safe.  Some GOP leaders are urging caution over legal pushback from the president's orders.  Trump aides say that just a small portion of travelers had been affected by this.