Hundreds lose natural gas service in West Baltimore

Posted at 6:37 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 18:47:56-04

BGE crews are working to restore natural gas service to several hundred customers in West Baltimore following a widespread outage.

The outage affecting customers in a multi-block radius around Matthew A. Henson Elementary School, was caused by water infiltrating gas lines Wednesday.

Crews have been working with the Baltimore City Department of Public Works to identify the sources of water and stop the leaks. Additional gas contractors and supplementary crews from BGE's Exelon sister-utilities, PECO in Philadelphia and Delmarva Power in Delaware are supporting the restoration process.

BGE is asking customers to allow work crews access to their homes and businesses to turn off their gas service so the gas mains can be cleared of water. Once all gas meters are turned off and water is cleared from the lines, BGE can begin to reintroduce natural gas to the gas mains. Then, BGE crews will have to re-enter buildings to restore service to meters and relight customers' gas appliances.

Any customers in the area affected by the outage who have not had their service disconnected by BGE are asked to contact BGE at 1.800.685.0123.  If crews are unable to access a property to turn off the meter, service may be disconnected at the gas main so final restoration can proceed.

There is no estimated time of restoration for all gas service.