Hundreds rally at Cross Street Market

Market to close for 10 months during renovations
Posted at 11:13 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 23:26:34-05
Hundreds of people gathered at Cross Street Market Thursday for a special rally. The market is closing for renovations, but loyal patrons are worried about losing a city mainstay.
"I was already coming to Cross Street Market back in the early 90s and before the first renovation that they had there and to me you feel like home here," Vicki Tyranski said. 
The market has such a rich history in the city spanning over 100 years. Remodeling and renovation is expected to begin sometime in May but regulars say they worry about the authenticity of the market. 
"I've been a lot of places all over the world and coming home to Baltimore, this is part of home," said customer Gary Tyranski.
Customers young and old came out Thursday to support Cross Street Market at a special rally.
"Markets like this are few and far between," Tyanski said. "The people who work here i would consider family."
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Caves Valley Partners says the renovation is more extensive that originally thought, which is causing the shutdown.
"I don't know I can survive a year with no income that 's why were here and that's why we have all this amazing community support," said vendor Ana Epsilantis.
"Good luck with the new development that comes along there are quite a few people that want to see a new market, something different but this just shows you that the people in this neighborhood like it the way it is," said another vendor, Henry Reisinger.
Reisinger owns E.M. Fenwick's Choice Meats. He's been at Cross Street for 46 years. After decades, he's mulling over his future.
"I may look to do something else," he said. "I love this place, I've been here a lot of years. It's been a great run but if it's over, it's over i get it, things move on." 
But where will these folks move to? 
"The only thing that's actually been put on the table to help the merchants so far has been to relocate to Lexington (Market) or Hollins Market but that's not where my people are," said Epsilantis. 
And it's where history has been made. 
"I'm third generation in here, my grandfather was here, my mom and dad were here I personally have been her for 38 years," Epsilantis said.
Customers worry about the prices skyrocketing and the rent going up for merchants that call the market home. A Cross Street Market advisory board meeting is set for Feb. 13.
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