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Thousands attend 43rd annual AFRAM festival in Druid Hill Park

Posted at 6:41 PM, Aug 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-12 08:58:45-04

BALTIMORE — Thousands of people have come out to attend the 43rd annual AFRAM festival in Druid Hill Park.

For a weekend the sounds and rhythm of the 43rd AFRAM Festival allowed people to move on from a violent and negative couple of weeks.

“I think we really need this as a relief with all the tension going on in Baltimore City,” Kahlil Muhammad said.

Mayor Jack Young and City Council President Brandon Scott came out to introduce Baltimore born Dru Hill.

“People hear about the crime and all those kind of things, and this is something that brought all over Baltimore together," Mayor Young said. "You got people from North Baltimore, East Baltimore, South Baltimore, Southwest, everybody’s here – it’s a melting pot.”

This event is one of the largest African American Cultural Festivals on the East Coast, and for two days, people were able to come out, enjoy local artists, performances and food.

“It gives the kids something to do and ease your mind," resident Kevin Barnes said. "I’m not out there with that nonsense so I don’t care, but I don’t want to live like that.”

The family friendly event is a welcome for a city that has gone through a lot in the past few weeks. Mayor Young says he has been having a great time all weekend and hundreds of people have been coming to enjoy the event as well.

“People know that Baltimore is a place to be. Regardless of what they say about crime in Baltimore crime is not everywhere," said Young. "There is no crime happening here in Druid Hill Park. We want everyone next year to come and help us celebrate AFRAM because we’re having a great time today.”

Scott remembered coming to the concer when he was a kid and said it's important for the young people in the city.

“I might be inspiring the young men in the crowd the same way I was inspired when I came to AFRAM," Scott said. "The people in Baltimore need to see people come from Baltimore of Baltimore and succeed. Dru Hill, myself, the Mayor all the other people in Baltimore this weekend showing the world what Baltimore is truly, about and that the President of the United States doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”