How a simple wristband may bring compassion to Charm City youth

(WMAR) - An organization is making waves in San Diego with just a simple wristband, and now they are trying to bring their message to Baltimore youth. 

Compassion It was created in 2012, and since then it has reached people of all ages and backgrounds. In San Diego, the organization has introduced compassion education to K-12 and college students, educators, health care providers, business professionals, and inmates.

Compassion education teaches the concept that everyone is suffering in some way, so everyone deserves compassion. Founder Sara Schairer, a certified instructor of the Compassion Cultivation Training course developed at Stanford University, says that something as simple as a smile can make a big impact on a person.

Director of Development for Compassion It, Lori Cavallo, added that this message has huge benefits, "We cannot ignore the social issues we face in our nation and world, and we truly believe that compassion is the solution. Compassionate actions are the antidote to bullying, discrimination, violence, climate change, and more. Once a person realizes the power of compassion, it's difficult to be anything other than passionate about spreading the word."

Now, the organization is growing and they want to spread their message nationwide, starting with the Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) right here in Charm City. Schairer met co-founder and marketing director of HLF, Andres Gonzalez, at a conference a few years ago, and they are hoping the rest will be history. 

HLF works to bring yoga, mindfulness, and self-care to the children of Baltimore. Compassion It says they are trying to raise money to help HLF continue their work, and they want to provide 1,000 wristbands to city children. 

Their wristbands are simple, yet powerful. Both sides of the wristband are different colors and it serves as a visual reminder to practice compassion each day. After you 'compassion it' you can flip over the wristband to show you helped someone. 

"We've read and heard countless stories of how our wristband has been life-changing for people because it's a simple reminder to make compassion a priority," explained Cavallo. "In fact, a couple of months ago, a father shared a story about his teen daughter who bravely prevented a school shooting as a result of the Compassion It movement and her compassion practice."

If you want to help bring compassion to Baltimore through Compassion It, you can donate money by clicking here. 

"Donations will not only enable us to give our Compassion It wristbands to HLF, but we'll be able to work hand-in-hand with them in order to cultivate compassion within the hearts of the children of Baltimore," explained Cavallo.   

If you want to buy a wristband of your own, click here.

Compassion It says they plan on doing campaigns, like the one in Baltimore, every few months to support other nonprofits around our nation and world. 

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