Highlights from Mayor Pugh's first state of the city address

Posted at 11:21 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 23:32:00-04

Mayor Catherine Pugh gave her first state of the city address Thursday. The hour-long address focused on a lot of the city's key issues: education, youth development, public safety and economic development.

Pugh is also focusing on workforce development and expansion, what she calls smart cities and effective government. She also aims to make Baltimore a healthier place to live.

"Government does two things: it provides services and opportunities. Increasing investments in the neighborhoods and our neighboring communities is important," Pugh said.

Especially when it comes to education.

"We must change the state funding formula that no longer favors Baltimore because of the wealth growth in our city and it does not address the widening poverty gap," she said.

Pugh said public safety is the cornerstone to the growth and revitalization of Baltimore and should have more oversight.

"In light of our latest revelations regarding our police departments corruption, I look forward to the reforms, some that are currently underway," she said.

But even further, that the city's crime issue runs deep.

"Crime is symptomatic of the many problems facing our city today; unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness, hopelessness and homelessness," said Pugh.

Pugh says that combating those problems involves investing in Baltimore's youth. 

"Providing a quality education and life experiences whether in the classroom, internships job experiences, recreation with safe places to play or daily living, will determine they're success or failure," Pugh said.

Getting guns off the streets, revitalizing areas throughout the city and economic growth with the possibility of making Baltimore a safer, more walkable and accessible city was also highlighted.

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