High Schoolers learn mechanics and determination

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Students at Digital Harbor High School got plenty of hands-on learning as they readied for the American Visionary Arts Museum's 2018 Kinetic Sculpture Race. 

The event seemed a perfect fit for the Federal Hill magnet school, presenting a real world scenario for students to put their knowledge of technology, information services, and science to use. The race also afforded them a chance to collaborate with neighbors, as Little Havana staged a fundraiser, Race Pace and Velocipede aided with bike maintenance and expertise, the Jemicy School donated a kinetic sculpture the students could use, and the Downtown Sailing Center loaned life jackets for the water portion of the race.

Naming their racer "The Golden Fleece," the Digital Harbor students toiled on their machine and practiced riding to physically prepare for the more than 10 mile route around the city. On race day, the team tackled the course's obstacles admirably, but mechanical issues during the final push back to the museum tested their mettle. 

Needing to make multiple repairs on their wheels and powertrain, the group had to nearly drag their racer through the rest of the route, eventually using some downhill momentum to cross the finish line. 

At the end, a jubilant Digital Harbor team was awarded for their efforts, as they earned special recognition for being the last to cross the finish line, and were widely celebrated for such a determined effort. Despite their struggles, the team refused to quit, enjoying an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as they took part in the closing ceremonies.

As their teacher Kevin Boone said after the race, "they want to do it again."

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