Heating Complaints in Some City Schools

BALTIMORE ( WMAR) - Frigid cold temps outside and in the classroom caused many students to keep their hats, coats and gloves on during the school day. Teachers. parents and students sent pictures into the newsroom showing thermometers with temperatures under forty degrees. ABC news' Eddie Khadim spoke with one City Schools principal who said the heat was turned on this morning after a long break but it takes time for the entire building to be heated. 

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City Schools released the following statement: 

“Over the winter break, facilities staff monitored schools to check on heating systems, plumbing, and electricity. Numerous problems were identified and resolved. Unfortunately, with the extreme temperatures, new problems can emerge quickly. 

Our priority is always to open buildings whenever possible. We want students to have every possible opportunity for teaching and learning, and we also want to make sure that students can get the services and supports that many families rely on -- for example, warm meals and before- and after-school care. We have many schools with leaky windows and outdated heating systems that have a hard time keeping up. With extreme temperatures, we have the added challenge of freezing pipes and water main breaks. Our facilities staff are on call around the clock to address these problems and make buildings as comfortable as they can be. In some cases, we rely on principals to relocate or combine classes when specific areas of a building have heat or water problems. Only when problems affect large portions or all of a building do we make the decision to close the school. This occurred with the schools that were closed today.”

ABC Works for you and tonight at 11 we will hear from the President of the Baltimore Teachers Union. 


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