Group calls for new mayoral election

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jun 02, 2016
A group of Baltimore voters say the city's primary election in April was a fiasco.
Now, the group, known as Voice, wants a federal a judge to declare the results void and order a redo.
Among the allegations laid out in more than 2 dozen pages of a new federal lawsuit are words like "disaster" and "un-certifiable." To support their claim, they say some ineligible Baltimore county voters were allowed to vote in the mayor's race. The newest allegation among all is that some ballots were either counted more than once or "ballot boxes were stuffed with extra ballots."
At a news conference Thursday, the group said their claims amount to enough for a federal judge to declare the results "null and void." They want the results to be de-certified a second time and for the election be "re-run."
An attorney for Catherine Pugh, the winner of the  democratic mayoral primary, tells us to do so would "void the will of the voters."

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