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Ghost hunters investigate haunted Federal Hill bar

People say Cross Bar in Federal Hill is haunted
Posted at 10:57 PM, Feb 25, 2019

BALTIMORE, Md. — It's last call at the Crossbar on Cross Street and somebody will not leave.

"I wasn't sure before, but he is real and he is here," said Mary Nachimson, a worker at the bar.

It is a ghost. You want evidence?

Explain how the pinball machine goes off with only the manager in the bar? Explain how an orb shows up at the end of the bar? Explain how a first aid kit that’s been on a stack forever, suddenly falls violently to the floor?

Nachimson says it's no doubt a man.

"I saw him once, I saw his silhouette I guess," said Nachimson. "He had very broad shoulders."

A man got mad at Nachimson when he overheard her tell a customer that Old Line Paranormal from Mt. Airy was coming in to investigate.

"I guess he overheard and he was upstairs when nobody else was, and he turned on the beer tap and it started to spray out all over the place. He made a pretty big mess," said Nachimson.

The ghost made the capped beer taps upstairs explode.

"It's pretty obvious that somebody is here," said owner Leho Poldmae. "But I'll be quite honest, the paranormal spooks me a bit."

Poldmae says enough evidence convinced him to investigate. Led by Mike Forostiak and a group of highly trained engineers, Old Line Paranormal geared up for a night of hunting down this ghost.

"This is the night that we record all of our information and if we experience anything we will document it," said Forostiak.

They have all of these blinking lights, cameras, voice recorders, and all of a sudden during Jaime Costello's interview, the lights go off where the ghost sits.

"We try to interact with it. We try to stir on some sort of communication if we can," said Forostiak.

Moments later, the TV turned on and turned back off by itself.

While while the professionals look for their ghost, Poldmae was not taking any chances. He lit some sage, hoping to keep the bad spirits away

Poldmae says Old Line Paranormal told them there is a strong presence, and communication was happening but there was no sighting as of 11 p.m. Monday night.

Old Line Paranormal does this for free, but they only come out when the evidence is strong.