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Forum to discuss closing of Mondawmin Mall Target

Posted at 8:06 AM, Nov 13, 2017

On Monday the community had a chance to speak out about Target closing its Mondawmin Mall location.

Councilman Leon Pinkett hosted the forum at Baltimore City Community College in the Fine Arts building.

The store was considered an anchor for Mondawmin Mall when it opened as Baltimore City's first Target back in 2008, but the company says it usually closes a store after several years of decreased profits.

The store plans to shut down on February 3rd. City officials says its keeping communication with the company open, in hopes that Target changes its mind.

"We don't know what might come out of it, but we are actively having a conversation," said Paul Taylor, Director of the Minority and Women-Owned Business Office.

Councilman Pinkett says that Target caught the City off guard in announcing the closing. He says the company "didn't say much. Said the decision was based on declining sales, but what does that actually mean?"

Many at the forum expressed frustration, saying that the store seemed to be doing well.

"Sometimes corporate makes its decisions not necessarily based on the economic value of the property, but based on persons who have no connection to our city or our state," said Rev. Edward Mason of the Israel Baptist Church.

City leaders say they're also already reaching out to new developers and businesses to fill the store building, should Target close in February. There's concern that a vacant building will attract vandalism. Target owns the building and would have to sell it before a new business moves in.